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Welcome to WoodSil - Driftwood and fossils

There is no need to be an artist to appreciate a piece of driftwood or to be a paleontologist to enjoy learning about extinct relics of the Earth's history.

Keep your eyes open as you walk along a beach or a creek. Depending on your location, you might spot a beautiful piece of driftwood or the remains of an ancient creature.

I will keep adding pictures to my pages in order to help you identify your fossils and to share with you my newest driftwood pieces.

Fossils Pages Driftwood Pages

For years I have been interested in fossils and driftwood. I began collecting fossils as a youth with my Mom who is so good at sharing her passion for fossils and rocks. Then, as life went on, I was a little too busy and I didn't take the time to go driftwood or fossil collecting anymore.

A few years ago, as I was walking along a beach I found myself bored.

I began looking around and very soon noticed some cool fossils. The passion was back, I was hooked again.

For your well-being look for a hobby that will add passion and provide an escape to your daily life. Fossils and driftwood might lead to numerous activities such as outdoor life, collection, classification, photography, art, communication, sharing...

I don't buy, I don't sell. I get what Nature gives me and I am sharing it with you.

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