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There is more than just protecting our health

Yes, there is more. By becoming concerned about the planet that we call Home and mother Nature that made us who we are, we can help reverse the ill effect of a society where profit is the main goal. As a human level profit is not the main goal, but well-being is. So let's be human, humane, grateful and responsible. There is no way for our planet to be healthy if we keep treating it the way we do. Our future depends on the health of the Earth. So let's extend our health concerns to our mother Earth.

Pollution, deforestation, drought... are all connected to the way we live and to a great part the way we eat. The production of animal products is very damaging to the planet: water consumption/pollution, deforestation, waste, gas emanations, herbicides, pesticides, abuse of antibiotics...

As consumers, we participate in that deterioration because a product exists only if there are consumers to buy it. No consumers means that the product will have to change to be sold or will ultimately disappear from the store shelves.

We are not too little to voice our concerns, to the contrary. We are roughly seven billion people on the planet which means that we are 7 billion voices. Not everybody has the chance to be able to do or say something but a great number of us can so let's give a voice to the Earth before the damage is too broad. By not buying what we see as non ethical or unhealthy we voice our concern for us as individuals, for us as a group and for us as inhabitants of a once healthy planet. Let's be that voice!

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