Fossil fish

These fossil fish fragments were collected in South Carolina, USA.

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fossil shark teeth fossil shark teeth fossil shark teeth Shark Teeth from various sharks-Length: 1 to 5 cm or .4 to 2 inches
fossil shark tooth fossil shark teeth fossil shark tooth
fossil drum fish teeth fossil drum fish teeth Drum Fish Teeth: Cobblestone-like teeth capable of crushing shells-Length: .4 to .9 cm or .2 to .4 inch
fossil ray mouth plates fossil ray tail spine Ray Mouth Plates (1st picture)-Length: 1 to 2 cm or .4 to .8 inches and Ray Tail Spine (2nd picture)-Length: 2 to 6 cm or .8 to 2.4 inches
fossil puffer fish mouth plates Puffer Fish Mouth Plates: Notice the very well preserved crushing surface-Length: 1 to 2.5 cm or .4 to 1 inch
fossil fish vertebrae Fish Vertebrae: The round flat ones are shark vertebrae-Length: .5 to 4 cm or .2 to 1.6 inches
fossil garfish scales Garfish Scales: Notice the diamond shape and shiny surface-Length: 1 to 2 cm or .4 to .8 inch
fossil tilly bone fossil tilly bone Tilly Bone: This is an abnormal osteological thickening of fish bone-Length: 6.5 cm or 2.6 inches-Named after Tilly Edinger (paleontologist 1897-1967)

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