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What does the fish do when the fisherman sleeps?

When it's time to go fishing excitement is in the air. The fisherman gets ready for a big or not so big catch. Fishing gear and apparel are checked, the spirit is up.

Now lets put ourselves in the fish skin for a change. What do you think it feels like, being caught by a fisherman?

Being hooked by the jaw, pulled from a distance by the mouth while exhausting yourself to escape, lifted to a dry foreign atmosphere and then left to suffocate while desperately wriggling on land in an attempt to reach the water, all this while hearing frightening sounds made by monsters that are harshly handling your body.

- How stressful is this?

We are not even talking about commercial fishing there and the colossal scale of the slaughter.

- Oh! What was the question again?

- Yes, now I remember. Sorry, I got carried away.

- What does the fish do when the fisherman sleeps?

- Well, I don't really know but I can picture the fish swimming quietly between the weeds while looking for its breakfast, enjoying its aquatic life and I am sure that a fishing lure is not on the menu.

If you can't help yourself and feel the need to go fishing at least take some steps to minimize the suffering and maximize the rate of survival, if you practice catch and release that is. Removing barbs on hooks and opting for a single hook instead of a triple hook can greatly reduce suffering and stress. The fish is then easily unhooked with little damage and can even, depending on the circumstances, be released without being pulled from the water. If the hook can't be removed, leave the hook in place and cut the line as short as possible. Better lose a hook than a fish. The hook will get loose eventually while the fish lives its fish life. If fish is on your menu then I would advocate for the fish and ask you to think again and look at that amazing creature alive in your hands. Let the fish go!

Please, my friend, put yourself in the fish fins and think about its life before sharpening your hooks or polishing your spoons. And don't be sad if you didn't catch any fish today, you didn't hurt any either. Enjoy your time on the water.

I know what I am talking about, trust me. I have been a fisherman before and I am still one in some ways but I am not there to catch fish anymore. The fishing pools are still in the canoe but I haven't much time for fishing because while on the water, I think, listen, observe, marvel, meditate and I eventually fall asleep.

- If you hear some day the story of a sleepy fisherman that fell overboard, it might be me...

- Well, that's it for now it's time for a nap, don't you think?

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