How to clean your fossils

If your fossils were found in non-polluted areas, there is no need to do anything but gently remove the dirt.

If the pieces were found on a beach I would soak them in clear water for a few hours, changing the water from time to time in order to remove salt and pollution. I would avoid brushing and chemicals which could damage the fossils.

Be aware of pollution especially on pieces found on river banks and beaches. Always wash your hands thoroughly and avoid eating while handling fossils that have not been cleaned. When I say pollution I am thinking mostly about microbial pathogens from animal and human feces responsible for many beach closures every year.

If the fossils found on a beach seem hard enough and are going to be handled by kids, I would add a few drops of bleach or some antibacterial cleaner when soaking them. Be aware, though, that this could damage the fossils.

Avoid tools that could scratch the fossils.

Let all your fossils dry for a few days.

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