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The wonderful plant

Imagine a plant that is edible from roots to leaves, buds and flowers. A plant easy to grow, perennial, that doesn't need pollination, that can grow all over the world in a temperate climate. A plant that doesn't need much but a small space and moreover, a plant that has medicinal virtues.

- Aren't you thinking that this plant doesn't exist?

- Such a wonder should be praised, you would certainly know about it if it did exist, don't you think?

- This plant exists, and you know about it.

It was a staple not that long ago. It can be prepared raw in spring when the leaves are tender, delicious with a shallot and olive oil vinaigrette, excellent as a green too, any time of the year, sautéed with olive oil and garlic. It can even be prepared as soup, pesto or fried. The flowers make a beautiful and delicious addition to a salad or can be transformed in a succulent golden jelly or a lemonade. The whole plant has medicinal virtues and has been known and used for ages.

Nowadays, this marvelous plant is known as a weed. It is not praised in any way but despised in many places.

This wonder is the dandelion.

Wherever I look, there is no place where I can safely harvest dandelion anymore, I cannot even trust my own backyard because all of my neighbors apply treatment to theirs over and over again in order to keep their lawn weed free. This saddens me because I can still feel the light bitterness of the wild dandelion leaves or the sweetness of its flowers but I cannot taste them anymore.

So whenever you get your sprayer ready, think again about the wonder that you are trying to eradicate. So much goodness in a single, humble, beautiful plant should stop you in your tracks. For your own good and for the good of the entire world, please, look at nature in another way, a way of respect, kindness and wonder.

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